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Difference between NAT Gateway and NAT Instance

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In this read, we will take a good look at some of the differences between NAT Gateway and NAT Instance in AWS. Let’s get started.

Attribute NAT Gateway NAT Instance
Availability Highly available and is implemented in each availability zone with redundancy Uses a script to manage the failover between instances
Bandwidth Can scale up to 45 Gbps and can support up to 5500 simultaneous connections to each unique destination Depends on the bandwidth of the instance type
Maintainence Managed by AWS Managed by cloud user
Cost Charged depending on the number of NAT gateways, duration of usage, and the amount of data sent through the NAT gateway Charged depending on the number of NAT instances that we use, duration of usage, and the instance type and size
Type & Size Uniform offering Choose a suitable instance type and size according to the predicted workload
Public IP addresses Choose an Elastic IP (EIP) address to associate with a NAT gateway at the time of creation Use an Elastic IP address or the public IP address with a NAT instance. We can change the public IP address at any time by associating a new elastic IP address with the instance
Private IP addresses Automatically selected from the subnet’s IP address range when we create the gateway Assign a specific private IP address from the subnet IP address range when we launch an instance
Security group (SG) Not associated with any security group Associated with security group to control the inbound and outbound traffic
Network access control list (NACL) Use the network ACL to control traffic to and from the subnet in which NAT gateway resides Use the network ACL to control traffic to and from the subnet in which NAT instance resides
Bastion servers Not supported Supported
Traffic metrics Cloudwatch Cloudwatch

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