Elastic Beanstalk vs Cloudformation vs Opswork vs Codedeploy - A Difference - AWS Certification

Difference between Elastic Beanstalk vs Cloudformation vs Opswork vs Codedeploy

Greetings from in28minutes.com. In this read, we will take a good look at the different AWS services like Elastic Beanstalk, Cloudformation, Opswork, and Codedeploy. Let us get started.

Elastic Beanstalk Cloudformation Opswork Codedeploy
Elastic Beanstalk AWS service makes it easy for the developer to deploy hosted on AWS environment Cloud formation provides an easy way to create and manage the aws resources and provision them in a predictable fashion It is a configuration management service that provides managed instances of Chef and Puppet Coordinates the application deployment across ec2 instances
Elastic Beanstalk automatically handles the scaling, load-balancing, and application monitoring It only deals with the application infrastructure and not the application itself Offers three services i.e. Chef Automate, Puppet Enterprise, and OpsWorks Stacks Does not scale automatically or handle the application monitoring
It is popularly called the platform as a service where you only focus on the application and code while the infrastructure is managed by AWS Cloudformation support elastic beanstalk application environments i.e. creating and managing an aws elastic beanstalk hosted application along with rds to store the application related data Focuses more on orchestration and software configuration and less on what and how AWS resources are procured Does not handle infrastructure configuration or orchestration
Support deployment versioning where it maintains a copy of older deployments. Offer easiness to rollback to previous versions in case of current deployment failure Supports rollback feature through template version controls while updating the stack but deployment failed midway    


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