Amazon S3 Storage Classes - Standard vs Standard-IA vs One Zone vs Intelligent-Tiering vs Glacier - AWS Certification Cheat Sheet

Let’s get a quick overview of Amazon S3 Storage Classes from an AWS certification perspective. We will look at important certification questions regarding Amazon S3 Storage Classes.

You will learn

  • What are the different Amazon S3 Storage Classes?
  • Why are Amazon S3 Storage Classes important?
  • When do we use Amazon S3 Storage Classes?
  • Differences and Comparison of Amazon S3 Storage Classes - Standard vs Intelligent Tiering vs Standard IA vs One Zone IA vs Glacier vs Glacier Deep Archive

Amazon S3 Storage Classes - Introduction

Different kinds of data can be stored in Amazon S3

  • Media files and archives
  • Application packages and logs
  • Backups of your databases or storage devices
  • Long term archives

There are Huge variations in access patterns. So, you have to Trade-off between access time and cost.

S3 storage classes help to optimize your costs while meeting access time needs. They are designed for durability of 99.999999999%(11 9’s).

Amazon S3 Storage Classes - Types

Here are the important S3 Storage Classes:

Storage Class Scenario AZs
Standard Frequently accessed data >=3
Standard-IA Long-lived, infrequently accessed data (backups for disaster recovery) >=3
One Zone-IA Long-lived, infrequently accessed, non-critical data (Easily re-creatable data - thumbnails for images) 1
Intelligent-Tiering Long-lived data with changing or unknown access patterns >=3
Glacier Archive data with retrieval times ranging from minutes to hours >=3
Glacier Deep Archive Archive data that rarely, if ever, needs to be accessed with retrieval times in hours >=3
Reduced Redundancy (Not recommended) Frequently accessed, non-critical data >=3

Amazon S3 Storage Classes - Comparison

Here is the comparison between different S3 Storage Classes:

Feature Standard Intelligent Tiering Standard IA One Zone IA Glacier Glacier Deep Archive
Availability (Designed) 99.99% 99.9% 99.9% 99.5% 99.99% 99.99%
Availability (SLA) 99.9% 99% 99% 99% 99.9% 99.9%
Replication AZs >=3 >=3 >=3 1 >=3 >=3
First byte: ms (milliseconds) ms ms ms ms minutes or hours few hours
Min object size (for billing) NA NA 128KB 128KB 40KB 40KB
Min storage days (for billing) NA 30 30 30 90 180
Per GB Cost (varies) $0.025 varies $0.018 $0.0144 $0.005 $0.002
Encryption Optional Optional Optional Optional Mandatory Mandatory

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